Dog Body Language

to communicate clearly with dogs


Dog behaviours are complex and the signals that dogs send are often subtle. Many conflicts or dog bites could be prevented if we are aware of the subtle communications signs that dogs send when they are stressed or anxious.


The course will cover subjects on how to read the subtle signs of stress such as out-of-context yawning, tongue flicks and scratching as well as whale eye (where you can see the white part of the dog’s eye) and looking away. It will also cover more obvious signs of stress and what to do to diffuse the intense stress level.


Who will benefit from Dog Body Language Course?

  • Veterinary Professionals
  • Groomer
  • Dog Trainer
  • Dog Daycare Staff
  • Dog Walker
  • And other Animal Professionals


What will you learn:

  • Reading Subtle Signs of Stress
  • Greeting and approaching stressed and difficult dogs
  • How to diffuse a potential conflict or aggressive behaviour


Contact us now. Indicate that you are interested in Dog Body Language Course and describe the main challenges that you are currently facing. We will reply within one working day.