Dog & Storks

by Family Paws™


There are many things to prepare when you are pregnant (expecting) or adopting a child. When you have dogs, there are additional things to prepare for the baby's arrival. We are here to help you to prepare so that your dog and baby will live together in a safe and happy environment


This course follows an international licensed programme: Dogs & Storks® by Family Paws™ Parent Education. The course will cover subjects on how to introduce baby-related items and activities to your dog so that your dog associates those items and situations with good things, preventing your dog to become overwhelmed by baby noises and baby-related equipments. You will also learn to introduce your baby and dog in a safe and positive manners; setting the best possible start for your family.


Who will benefit from Expecting Family with Dog Course?

  • Family with dogs who are expecting a child 
  • Family with dogs who are adopting a child


What will you learn:

  • Introducing baby-related item and activities
  • Practicing to carry your baby around your dog in a way that does not invite jumping
  • Training your dog a few basic skills (no-jumping, settling on a mat, a solid sit and stay, etc) that will be very useful when you are busy caring for your baby
  • A safe first meeting and future interactions between baby and dog
  • How to safely walk your dog with a stroller
  • Safe and fun ways to exercise your dog around the baby
  • Reading subtle signs of stress in your dog that may appear when your dog is around a baby


Contact us now. Indicate that you are interested in Dog & Storks and describe the main challenges that you are currently facing. We will reply within one working day.