Our Campus Newton Campus

Our Newton campus is located at 182 Bukit Timah Road. It features an approximately 3000sqft area, 70% of which is allocated for dog-related activities. There is a secluded park just behind our school where our dog students will go for a one-to-one stroll and enjoy the outdoor environment. 


We put in a lot of time and thoughts to the planning and development of our campus because we want to create a dog-friendly environment that is spacious with ample of natural light while providing excellent level of hygiene, safety and supervision. We want our dog and human students to feel comfortable and safe in school.


We have three activity areas:


  • Day School classroom
  • Private consultation room
  • In-door Dog Run 




Facility features. 

  • Hospital Grade Vinyl Flooring, Tarkett - made in USA. This surface is hygienic, soft-impact and good for joints, anti-slip. This is the flooring material used in Singapore General Hospital, National University Hospital, Gleneagles and more.
  • IQ air - True HEPA Air Filter. Our Swiss-made air filter effectively removes a great variety of particulates and molecular air pollutants. Tested and certified in accordance with European Norm EN1822 - it filters ultrafine pollution particles that is 100 times smaller than what ordinary air cleaners can filter and 10 times smaller than a virus. It is a safe, healthy and effective way to purify the air and produces no ozone, ions, chemicals, UV or any other dangerous by-products. 
  • Drinking Fountain. Charcoal filter keeps water fresh and clean while free-falling stream adds oxygen to water and entices our students to drink more
  • Our students will also enjoy ample natural light without harmful UV while maintaining privacy
    • Low Emission Glass blocks off UV and 44% of solar heat while transmitting 59% of natural light.
    • Magic Glass uses Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals Glass optimises natural light while secluding space on-demand without introducing bacteria typically associated with blinds or curtains.
  • Rockwool Building Insulation. Insulates noise while contributing to energy efficiency and fire-safe building with good acoustics and a comfortable indoor climate.