Puppy Tricks & Dance

to learn fun tricks and dance moves with your pup


Tricks and dancing with dogs (Canine Freestyle) is a wonderful and rewarding activity to do with your puppy. In our freestyle class, you and your dog will learn fun tricks and dance moves. It is a way to expand your dog’s mind and a chance for you to have some more fun training.


Do you want to teach your puppy how to paw, spin, play-bow, weave your leg, etc?  This is the class where you can learn fun tricks and bond with your puppy. 


Some foundation skills that you and your pup will learn includes:
Bow, leg-weaving, backing away, move around object, shake paw, etc.


Who will benefit from Puppy Tricks & Dance?

Our Canine Freestyle class is designed for puppy-owners that are looking to learn and exercise with their dog in a fun and positive way.


Schedule: 8 private lessons (one hour per session)


Contact us now. Indicate that you are interested in Puppy Tricks & Dance and describe the main challenges that you are currently facing. We will reply within one working day.