Master Programme

for life and social skills in the real-world


Our Master Programme focuses on teaching your dog to be a polite and well-mannered in real-world with different level of distractions


The Master Programme is the next level of training and will teach your dog real-life, social skills along with basic training under moderate disctractions. This is an 8-week programme where you and your dog will build a solid real-life skills in new places and more challenging situations.


Who will benefit from Master Programme?

This programme is suitable for dogs who has attended basic training class and would like to practice their social and real-life skills in the real world with more distractions.


What will you learn?

The Master Programme covers real-life and social skills, along with basic skills under moderate distraction. We will practice in the real world such as a public park, cafe and other suitable places


  • Basic training in the real-world: sit, attention, come, stay, leave it, loose-leash walking, etc.
  • Real-life skills with moderate distraction: greet other dog and strangers politely, settle down calmly when you are at a cafe, giving attention when asked, etc.


Schedule: 6 private lessons (one hour per session)


  • 6-one hour lesson, in-home central - S$ 1350
  • 6-one hour, in campus lesson - S$ 1050 
  • 3-one hour, in home central + 3-one hour, in campus - S$ 1200 
  • Additional charges apply for outside central location



  • Dogs’ annual core vaccination (Parvo, Distemper & Adenovirus) must be updated.
  • If your dog has any Behaviour Problems, Behaviour Evaluation will be needed to assess the dog’s behaviour issues and estimate what can be achieved with training so that we can incorporate Behaviour Modification training into the programme.


Contact us now! Indicate that you are interested in Master Programme and describe the main challenges that you are currently facing. We will reply within one working day.