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Some of our students running together during their play time in their structured play group in the Montessori School programme.

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The Puppy Colours Socalisation Programme

Have a hand in shaping your dog’s personality positively through our exclusive socialisation course. Give them the opportunity to learn and grow in a controlled setting with a carefully selected and trained peer, who is able to impart appropriate social skills to yours.

Train your dog the positive way with Puppy Colours.​

Here at Puppy Colours, we focus our dog training on teaching fundamental and social skills applicable in everyday life. Set your dog up for success as you learn and work together in fun and effective ways.

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Learn and grow together with your pup as our trainers equip you with the necessary skills.

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Reinforce and further your pup's education through their teenage phase.

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Let your pup learn through play and socialisation with their peers.


What They Say

Katwith Charlotte, the Mini Australian Shepherd
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When we first got Charlotte at 5 months old, we thought she would be a great companion to our 12 year old dog. However, we faced big issues with resource guarding and managing the her leash/restraint frustration. Our old dog ended up avoiding us everytime Charlotte was around, and we had to separate the 2 dogs. Every walk was very stressful as she would bark uncontrollably at every dog. Kristina has been working with Charlotte for the past months and we have seen amazing results. You would hardly believe that she is the same dog. We really appreciate how Kristina is able to explain so clearly on dog psychology and what triggers certain behaviours - things that I would have never known, even as an experienced dog owner! Charlotte is now coming to 1 year old and so calm and collected on walks, able to wind down and manage her triggers so much better. People are actually coming up to me and telling me how well behaved she is. I'm so proud of her and can't be more thankful to Kristina.
GJ & Maxine
GJ & Maxinewith Sumo, the English Bulldog
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The best doggie daycare / trainers in Singapore! Before we got our puppy Sumo, we did a ton of research to find the right place for her. We first heard of Puppy Colours because of great reviews from our friends and family, but we knew it was the best fit based on their accredited training methods, professional team, amazing facilities, and great curriculum for the pups. Sumo loves her training sessions and she’s always so excited to go to school - and we’re happy too because we know it’s a safe space where the dogs are always supervised, given enough time to rest in between training and play, and are well taken care of. Thank you for helping Sumo grow up to be such a good girl 😊
Sarahwith Joy Joy, the Toy Poodle
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Wei En was very patient with us as first time dog owners and provided helpful advice even before Joy Joy arrived. We had a session to take a look at our home environment and get it set up before our puppy arrived, and she even accompanied me to the pet shop nearby to take a look at some equipment and food. She helped answer my many questions on getting ready for Joy Joy’s arrival which helped us be more mentally prepared for what to expect. We also enjoyed the training sessions with her, especially the ones in school where Joy Joy could socialise with other dogs. Her input during class and the notes sent afterwards helped me better interpret the various cues given out by dogs to ensure Joy Joy could engage safely with other dogs she met outside. Joy Joy really enjoys socialising with other dogs now, thanks to the positive experiences she’s had at Puppy Colours!
Bonniewith Bayer, the Pomeranian
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I am overwhelmed with Bayer's good behaviour, with how well and sociable she was in a neighbour's dog's birthday party. She was the smallest dog, but she was not shy and timid; she socialised very well among all the big and medium sized dogs, and was 100% responsive to my Recall. That was the first time I unleashed her out of our home and let her roam freely. She only went where she was supposed to, knew when to retreat when the big dogs began playing... A big thank you for bringing out the best in Bayer! Thanks for the training and day school!
Kymwith Makgeolli, the Daschund
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Was referred to Kristina by my vet & I’m so so glad we found her! Mako was having anxiety issues & didn’t dare to come out of the room for a month when I first brought him home. Thanks to Kristina, he’s now transformed to a happy cheerful little boy! What I love about Kristina is that she always focuses on building Mako’s confidence instead of relying on treats/food. Her advices are a spot on for us with Mako’s well being as priority & you can tell she truly cares for the pups. So thankful for Kristina & couldn’t be happier with his progress. Definitely one of the best decisions I made for him!
Asamiwith Milo, the Toy Poodle
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For Day School: We really enjoy sending Milo to school because she can learn from other dogs and totally different breeds, age and size and it’s a great opportunity for her to make new friends. This also means that Milo is not stuck at home, which can stress Milo out. Learning and communicating with other dogs is important for our family and that she has improved her skills from a "sit" to a "down" and then greeting others with respect.   ||   For Private lessons: Sometimes not having loads of dogs at the same time is a better idea and just focusing on Milo. It is a very important skill and that she’s been training with loads of treats and she has improved a lot of her basic skills like “down”, “lie”, “wait” and more respect to other dogs. Finally our teacher is very professional and reliable, she always support us with helpful advice.
Rachel Kelly
Rachel Kellywith Ouka, the Pomsky and Ozzy, the Cockapoo
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Ouka has been with Puppy Colours since he was 4 months old, and he enrolled into the day school after his private puppy classes. Through the private classes, we learnt from Izzy his teacher to understand his behaviour so that we'll be clearer communicating with him! All the positive reinforcement methods have been successful so far in teaching and interacting with him. Shortly after, we enrolled his sibling Ozzy into the school as well and their Tuesdays now are just filled with fun and lots of socialisation with his school buddies! Thank you Puppy Colours!
Kellywith Wilbur, the Cavapoo
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Thank you so much to Izzy and everyone else at Puppy Colours for all your help with dear Wilbur! We enrolled Wilbur in the Puppy Life Skills private class and both Wilbur and us pawrents learned so many valuable tips and skills from Izzy! She guided us through Wilbur's puppy and teenage phases and provided us with very detailed class notes after every lesson. She's also very responsive to all the random queries we had in relation to training Wilbur and always encouraged us to reach out to her if we had any follow-up questions or issues! Wilbur is always so excited to go to school and he basically runs through the school gates every week now to greet all his teachers!
Hannahwith Mochi, the Maltese
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Puppy Colours Academy is a happy and clean place for every dog to learn and play through positive reinforcement. This school helped transform my timid and shy dog to a confident and disciplined dog. With regular updates and feedback from teachers, I am able to know and understand my dog better. I particularly like how genuine the teachers are in caring for my dog's well-being. It's a place which my dog look forward to going every week for day school.
Cheryl Danielle
Cheryl Daniellewith Mila, the Coton De Tulear
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Izzy shared a lot of strategies during and after class to help reinforce what was learned and helped to work on our concerns. Appreciate her patience to our queries. Even after months, Mila could still remember Izzy and continues her learning journey at Puppy Colours day school. What can we ask for when you have a furkid that looks forward to her school days. A big Thank You to Izzy and team of teachers.
Nataliewith Natto, the Chocolate Labrador
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Natto has always been a sweet pup but a little too mischievous! I sent her to Puppy Colours when she was about 8 months. Not only did she get to drain her social battery at school (which helped us at home for the rest of the day), she became much more obedient when using trained queues. We took her out of school soon after she turned 2 because she was so much easier to handle. I must say it wasn’t easy taking her out of school because she LOVED her teachers and friends so much. She knew exactly when we were leaving for school every Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays! Thank you Puppy Colours for shaping her into such a sweet and obedient teen!
Cherylwith Cheddar, the Labrador Retriever
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The Puppy Colours ‘Puppy Life Skills’ curriculum has given my family and Cheddar a solid training foundation to build upon. Izzy, our trainer, was friendly, patient and encouraging. She took the time to teach us how to work with Cheddar and suggested a few alternatives catered to him so that we could understand and adapt to each other better. Cheddar loved going for class and looked forward to every session! Thank you very much, Izzy, and Puppy Colours!
Jorrynwith Kopi, the Daschund
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The Puppy Life Skills class helped us tremendously with managing Kopi during his puppy days. It taught us a lot on how to manage destructive behaviours like puppy biting and whining, as well as basic yet essential commands to teach our pup. Izzy was a lovely teacher and Kopi loves her alot! Will recommend puppy colours to anyone who's looking for a safe and positive learning environment for your dog.
Valerie Wang
Valerie Wangwith Ilay, the Lagotto Romagnolo
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Izzy was just amazing. So patient and clear with her guidance. For any dog owner who is keen to learn how to read their dog’s body language or understand the psychology behind why they do what they do, and have fun at the same time - this is the school & trainer for you.
Bellewith Oliver, the West Highland Terrier
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Oliver, the Westie, has been attending Puppy Colours Academy since the age of 3 months old. Not only did he complete his Puppy class, he graduated from both The Family Dog Beginner & Intermediate classes. We see leaps and bounds in his behaviour and social skills. Till today, he is a regular attendee at Puppy Colours Day School.
Moira & Jack
Moira & Jackwith Juno, the Goldie
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Hello, my name is Juno and I'm a 5 month old Golden Retriever. Moira and Jack first took me to Puppy Colours Academy when I was 2 months old and I was quite nervous. Being so young, the only other puppies I had met were my siblings. I wasn’t yet fully vaccinated and couldn’t go play outdoors., but it was safe for me to go to puppy class. There were three other puppies at the class, Colla, Muffin and Penny. Because I never made friends before I was very scared and shy. However, with encouragement and support from our teacher, Kristina – we soon began to play together and became the best of friends. Now, I find it easy to make new friends with other dogs at the park or on walkies. Kristina also taught me to how to do some really cool things like sit, lie down, leave it and loads of other stuff. At the end of the course Kristina gave me a certificate, she is such a lovely teacher and made everything so much fun.
Bea Knijf
Bea Knijfwith Ginger, the Beagle
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Our 7 year old Beagle was fully trained at the age of 2 in obedience and agility, but it is always good to practice and learn new things (both for the dog and human). I didn’t want to do competition agility, just some fun exercise time. Kristina understood what I was looking for, and although doesn’t do agility courses (at that time) agreed to add some agility into the fun exercises that we do on a regular base. Our dog is happy to see Kristina every time, and we are both improving on ‘tricks’. Taking classes with Puppy Colours has proven to be a real benefit for both human and dog.
Jacqueline Tilly
Jacqueline Tillywith Dylan
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Before we started working with Kristina, Dylan was a really scared and reactive dog who barked at both people and other dogs, and other dogs would not come when called. After five lessons with her, Dylan is now better able to resist hist impulse and has started to voluntarily sit and watch dogs and people go by when he goes for his walks (instead of barking and lunging at them). He can now remain calm and listen to my commands when he starts to feel excited or scared, and allows himself to be distracted from normally fearful situations (like strangers walking into the house). He has gone also from running away as far away as possible from my one year old daughter to giving her a little kiss in the morning when he sees her, he even lets her sneak a little pet or tug in from time to time. But what blows me away the most is that my stubborn little Dylan, who almost always refuses to do anything he does not want to do, finally comes (when) called!
Alistair and Deanne
Alistair and Deannewith Finn, the Poodle puppy
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Thanks for all your help and great teaching. I haven’t worked on his greeting skill “on the mat”. But every other aspect of your training has produced very good results. We are particularly taken by his little jump back when he is told to “leave it”. We will recommend you to others with no reservations. Thanks again.

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