Puppy Nursery

to train, exercise and socialise young puppies


Socialising your new puppy from birth till 16 weeks of age is essential, but finding a safe environment and similar-age puppies for healthy and appropriate interaction is difficult. Our Puppy Nursery provides carefully supervised play care in a playground designed specifically for the developmental needs of your puppy. Your puppy will also learn basic skills such as sit, stay and come when called, etc.


A well-exercised and well-socialised pup is easier to train and a joy to live with. Don't miss out on the most critical weeks and months for socialising your new puppy. Send them to our school one or two days per week. The pups will romp and play with similar-age pals in our safe, clean, loving environment and develop social skills that will benefit them and their families for life.


Our classroom is a small and intimate setting, allowing your puppy to have a lot of attention and feels at home. Because of our intimate setting, our environment is also suitable for shy puppies who would like to learn to interact with other puppies and people. We will introduce them to other puppies and people in a gradual and positive way; so that your puppy feels comfortable. Shy puppies will be given enough space and down time; we will give them interactive treat-dispensing puzzle toys to stimulate their mind while they are winding down.


We are very careful in supervising puppies' interactions and play, ensuring that they will learn to greet, play and enjoy each other's company politely and safely. Puppies at our nursery will be taken out for potty break regularly, depending on how old they are and where they are in their toilet training stage. We will reward them for doing their potty in the correct place, making potty at the designated toilet area more fun, speeding up the potty training process.


Who will benefit from Puppy Nursery?

  • Puppies who are home alone for a long period of time everyday
  • Puppy-owners who does not have the time and to socialise and train their dog
  • First-time puppy owners who would like to get some help to train and socialised their first puppy
  • Shy puppies who would like to learn to interact with other puppies and people.


What will they learn:

  • Supervised play with similar-age or size puppy friends
  • Self control: anti-jumping and anti-mouthing
  • Love handling: learning to love being checked, having their nail trimmed, etc.
  • Food bowl exercises: to prevent resource guarding
  • Sound exercises: getting comfortable with various noises like fireworks, thunder, barking dogs, baby noises, etc.
  • Basic skills such as sit, stay, come when called, etc
  • Potty Training


Daily activities:

  • Supervised play with similar-age or size puppy friends
  • Daily walks
  • Basic skills training
  • Puppy backyard fun
  • Interactive puzzle games to stimulate their puppy brain and improve coordination
  • One-to-one human time to ensure positive association and teach polite greeting skills


Facility & Hygienne:

  • Puppy Nursery area is separated from older dogs
  • Puppies’ living area will be equipped with HEPA air filter and hospital-grade vinyl flooring, an anti slips material that will provide cushioning for their young joints.
  • There are filtered drink fountains to ensure all puppies are hydrated and have access to clean water
  • The Puppy Nursery area is cleaned daily using Byopet surface sanitiser



  • Puppy students have to pass a thorough temperament test
  • Only alumni or existing puppy students are eligible to enrol to Puppy Nursery
  • Puppy students should be updated with their core vaccination (Parvovirus - Distemper - Adenovirus)
  • Puppy students should have started appropriate parasite prevention (heartworm, intestinal worm, flea & tick)


Contact us now. Indicate that you are interested in Puppy Nursery and describe the main challenges that you are currently facing. We will reply within one working day.